Circolare dalla SCIRA Int: aumenta il peso minimo del tessuto sui Fiocchi

Jerelyn Biehl & Giorgio Brezich

Ecco la lettera ricevuta da Jerelin Biehl  che specifica l’introduzione della nuova regola sul peso del tessuto del fiocco.

Jib Cloth increase 2013

From: Jerelyn Biehl
Date: 2012/10/3
Subject: Circular

Dear SCIRA National Secretaries;

Attached is a Circular Letter from the Chairman of the SCIRA Rules Committee outlining the new rule that will go into effect January 1, 2013 regarding the increase in the minimum cloth weight for jibs.

In addition, measurers are being asked to add information to the jibs.

Although SCIRA will attempt to send this letter to all known measurers and sailmakers (who purchase SCIRA sail royalties), please also inform the active measurers in your country as well as your sailmakers so as to inform as many as possible of the new rule change.

This information is posted in the Snipe Bulletin (Fall 2012 edition) as well as posted on the Snipe website and SnipeToday.

Please forward any questions to Rules Chairman Giorgio Brezich:

Best regards,

Jerelyn Biehl
SCIRA Executive Director