Report della SCIRA Italia alla riunione di Cascais

The situation of Scira Italia shows a little, but homogeneous, improvement in our numbers in all the categories as reported in database: 123 boats, 231 sailors comprehensive of 37 Juniors. Scira Italia is therefore in good health.

In the first two National regattas  the average number of boats was 25; in the Absolute Italian Championship in Cesenatico there were 29 boats, in Master Championship of Brenzone 31 boats;  the maximum number of boat was reached in the German Open/Polish Cup and European Cup John Broughton: 41. 

Two junior crews, both of the Associazione Velica Trentina, competed in the Junior World Championship of Leca de Palmeira; three Italian womens participated in the Women European Championship in Anversa, BEL.

Antonio Bari was the technical chief of the course held in Caldonazzo last June, which trained 5 new National Measurers.

The Italian Team in this World Championship of Cascais is represented by 6 crews: Lambertenghi/Franzini, Fantoni/Gorgatto, Bruni/Zampieri, Toffolo/Longhi, Bari/Bari, Schiaffino/Cabrini.

Sergio Michel  Trophy, valid as South European Championship and National Regatta and than the principal Italian Regatta in 2022 ,  will take place in Monfalcone next September, 16-18.

After many years in expectation  a new Italian Fleet, named “Sardegna”, was founded in Alghero. This is a good notice because we see more often decadence or end e not the born. Two of the new crews frequented the DB Sailing Academy of Daniela and Enrico Michel in Monfalcone, a very good idea for the promotion of Snipe in our country.

We are honored by the choice of the SCIRA to assign the European Championship 2023 to Gargnano on the Garda Lake; we hope the same for the World Master in Rimini.In the last year we have seen more interest in the Snipe of the junior crews and then a re-edition of Italian Junior Championship was proposed for next year in Caldonazzo, TN.

Thank you for the attention and a special thank to Daniela Semec for represent me in this meeting. Giuseppe D’Orazio