Aggiornamenti su quote nazionali per i prossimi mondiali di Cascais

Snipe National Secretaries

Registration will be open early next week for the Snipe World Championship (sorry we are off 1 week from the schedule below).


Registration links will be sent to sailors that you have authorized to represent your country at the Worlds.

Please keep in mind that each county has a quota based on the Isaacs Deed of Gift for the World Championship.  The final quota is attached to this email.

Per your country’s final quota, Please provide the Snipe office with a list of your entries by skipper name & their email.  From this, we will send them an invite to register for the Worlds.


If you believe your country will fill your quota, you can also send a ranked waitlist of sailors with their email and once the initial registration closes, we will work on the wait list and invite those eligible.

Because we have a timeline outlined below – ALL initial quota spots must be registered & paid by May 21.   Then we will move to extend to those on the waitlist.

Initial Registration Period21-Feb6 months prior
Initial Registration closed21-May3 months prior
Allocations open, posted28-May3 months less 1 week
Unfilled reallocation entries lost26-Jun8 weeks prior
Close of entries7-Aug2 weeks prior

Thank you all for your patience during this time –  we are very excited to have this championship taking place in August!

Jerelyn Biehl

SCIRA Executive Director

2812 Canon Street

San Diego, CA 92106 USA

Direct: +1.619.224.6998

Fax: +1.619.222.0528

Area degli allegati

Accedono ai mondiali il Campione Italiano in carica ed i primi cinque della Ranking List alla data del 21 maggio p.v. L’ ultima regata utile per la classifica è la prima nazionale 2022 che si terrà a Santa Marinella il 2 e 3 aprile 2022.