Candidature per l’Europeo 2016

Zibgniew Rakocy
General Secretary Europe             Zbigniew Rakocy

Il Segretario europeo Zbigniew Rakocy, ci informa che il termine per candidarsi all’organizzazione dell’Europeo 2016, scade il 15 dicembre 2013. Qui la sua lettera:

Hi all NSs
We have received a Bid from France to host European Champioship 2016 in Larmor Plage near Lorient ( Bay of Biscay). I now this Club and I think it is appropriate to host European.
This Club wants to organize only the Senior Championship , not Junior. Thus I looking to for a Club in Belgium or the UK that would organize Juniors. France , the UK and Belgium a well communicated and both events could be organize simultanously.
If You do not akceptować this solutions , i would ask You to submit other Bids for organizing both events Junior and Senior Europeans 2016.
I am looking forward to your discussion . The deadline for Bid submissions is 15 December 2013. The final decision must be taken by March 2014.

Best regards
Zbigniew Rakocy
General Secretary Europe